What I've Been Doing

I live in Texas where I work as a software engineer for Facebook, where I work on Hack open source. While at Facebook, I've also spent time working on Open Source, tools to help coworkers be more efficient, securing our application frameworks, and two years as an operations engineer in Dublin, where I kept the site running and improved automation and tools. Before that, I was in London, working for Mendely as a desktop software engineer, and later a systems administrator as the company grew.

Throughout university (at Warwick, where I studied computer science) - and a little before - I spent a lot of time working on open source projects, including KDE, and creating Slamd64, the first 64-bit port of Slackware Linux; Slamd64 became obsolete when Slackware released an official port, and my spare-time coding is now mostly small new projects aimed at exploring ideas - you can see some of these on GitHub. Prior to university, I was studying music at Wells Cathedral School; I play flute, guitar, and piano.